Children Australia is administered by the College of Medicine and Dentistry, James Cook University, Queensland, Australia through the Journal Management Committee. The Journal Management Committee membership consists of the Editor in Chief and representatives from the Federation of Rural Australian Medical Educators FRAME and other Australian rural health organisations. The Journal editorial staff report to James Cook University.

The members of the Journal's International Editorial Board include the Editor in Chief, the Regional Editors and a statistical consultant. Each of the geographic regions has a Regional Editorial Panel made up of regional specialists in the areas of rural health status, rural health policy, rural health education, rural health practice, and Indigenous/First Nations health

Figure 1. Journal structure

Roles and responsibilities

Journal Management Committee

The Journal Management Committee has responsibility for overseeing the Journal's business aims, the scope of operation, policy development, business management, reporting and monitoring. The roles and responsibilities of the Journal Management Committee are to:

The Editor in Chief has overall responsibility, across all regions, for the editorial management of the Journal, according to its charter. This includes the maintenance of standards, encompassing ethical considerations, the mentoring of Regional Editors, and publicising the Journal when and where possible.

The Editor in Chief:

International Editorial Board

The Journal's International Editorial Board consists of the Regional Editors and the Editor in Chief (Chair). It provides support to the Editor in Chief in assisting with the ethical conduct of the journal, setting standards and assuring content quality, building the knowledge base of the Journal, and publicising the Journal.

Each member of the International Editorial Board commits to:

Members of the International Editorial Board:

Regional Editors

The Regional Editor has delegated responsibility to coordinate, monitor, liaise, contribute and publicise the journal in their region. They have editorial responsibility for all regional matters, this includes:

In collaboration with, and reporting to the Editor in Chief, the Regional Editor will:

Regional Editorial Panels

Within the specific region, in cooperation with the Regional Editor, the Regional Editorial Panel is responsible for the regional ethical conduct of the Journal, content and quality of editorial material, building the knowledge-base of the Journal, and publicising the Journal.

Members are identified by the Regional Editor and invited to join the Regional Editorial Panel for an initial 2-year period, and after that to intentionally recommit for a further 2-year period.

Members of the Regional Editorial Panel will:

Journal Reviewers

The Journal acknowledges that the quality of its reviewer panel is critical to maintaining and improving the standards, quality and impact of the Journal. The Journal values its reviewer panel highly and acknowledges their altruistic contribution to improving knowledge in the field of Children Australia.

To be a member of the Journal review panel, reviewers should preferably:

Invitations to be a Journal reviewer will be issued to appropriately qualified individuals by the Journal manager in association with the Editor in Chief or the Regional Editors.

Active reviewers will undertake at least three reviews each year in accordance with Journal editorial standards, including time lines. Reviewers will notify the Journal manager of a conflict of interest relating to the review of specific articles. Reviewers will notify the Journal manager of an inability to review, for whatever reason, in a timely fashion.

The list of Journal reviewers will be reviewed annually to ensure all reviewers are meeting Journal performance standards.