Article type: Original Research

PUBLISHED 1 January 1987

Volume 12 Issue 4

Parent Education: Developments and Discrepancies

June Allan, Cynthia Schultz

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The effects of professional intervention in family life and relationships has been questioned by a number of writers who maintain that this involvement has led to the undermining of parental authority and a lessening of parental competence and confidence. By contrast, others see this involvement as supplying necessary skills to family members.

Amongst the programmes which professionals have implemented are parent education programmes, many of which are conducted in groups and which are valued by both practitioners and writers. As part of the broader debate about the relationships between professionals and the family however, some critics suggest that parent education programmes can have adverse effects on parents' confidence in their parental role and on their self-reliance in deciding how best to raise their children.

A research project is being put into effect in Melbourne to explore these issues.

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