Article type: Original Research

PUBLISHED 1 January 1987

Volume 11 Issue 2-3

Child Protection or Family Support — Directions in Family Welfare for the 80's

Phillip A. Swain

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Phillip A. Swain


1 Berry Street

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Child Protection and Family Support. These are two aspects of our work in family and children's services that have been much discussed over recent years. Can you protect a child whilst at the same time purport to support the family? Should the two functions be organisationally and structurally separated? Are they really just parts of the continuum of care and commitment which we all share in families and children? These and other similar questions have been frequently repeated during the first half of the 80's as we all searched for ways to meet the obvious deficiencies in the networks of families and children's services that had been established. But as we look to the remainder of the 80's there a number of critical issues which are well indentified but which we have yet to really come to grips with.

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