Article type: Original Research

PUBLISHED 1 January 1984

Volume 9 Issue 2

Permanency Planning: a redefinition

Anthony N. Maluccio, Edith Fein
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As a practice method, permanency planning has been on the scene long enough to require re-evaluation of its underlying theory and implications for social work. The authors therefore offer a comprehensive definition of permanency planning and describe its major features in detail.

Concern about the phenomenon of drift in foster care has given rise to the practice called permanency planning — the process of taking prompt, decisive action to maintain children in their own homes or place them permanently with other families. This is an important movement in child welfare, and there is a continuing need to clarify its meaning so as to promote its development in theory and practice. Following a brief review of the literature, we therefore propose a comprehensive definition of permanency planning and delineate its major components.

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