Article type: Original Research

PUBLISHED 1 January 1983

Volume 8 Issue 4

‘Child Maltreatment Policy — Victorian Style’ or Can the Tortoise-Crab Hybrid ever be changed into a more functional Animal?

Peter Boss

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Peter Boss


1 Monash University, Victoria, Australia

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Some people may wonder at the alternative title of this paper. I selected it after considering a number of specimens of the animal world. I could have used the sloth which seems to spend its life hanging upside down, asleep; or I could have used the analogy of any one of the dinosaurs which, as you know, tended to be huge and died when they could not adapt to changing environments. I chose a hybrid made up of tortoise and crab … the tortoise because it is cumbersomely slow and has a hard, seemingly impenetrable shell; the crab because it moves sideways on and has a tendency to devour its parents.

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