Article type: Original Research

PUBLISHED 1 January 1982

Volume 6 Issue 4

Uncle Bob's Club Child Development Centre

Barbara Rounsevell

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In this International Year of the Disabled Person, the needs of all persons with a disability are being look at more critically, but perhaps the general public is more aware of adults with a disability, than of young children. Young children with disabilities are not a vocal group as such, although their parents are becoming increasingly vocal and banding together into effective Action Groups. Young children with disabilities may be thought to be “cute”, and the general public is relieved that they have parents who are responsible for them. But those same children experience acute frustrations, and their parents experience chronic grief because their child is unable to lead a normal life. Many find it necessary to expend a tremendous amount of time and emotional effort on the physical care and intellectual stimulation of their child, and in many cases, the increased financial demands can be critical for the family budget.

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