Article type: Original Research

PUBLISHED 1 January 1980

Volume 5 Issue 3

Child Protection Policy in Victoria Part 1

Elizabeth Hiskey

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Elizabeth Hiskey


1 Social Work, Monash University

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The development of an explicit, formally enunciated, child protection policy in Victoria is only a recent occurence. This paper will trace the development of this policy from the sixties of this century until the present time. [Tierney (1963) made a comprehensive analysis of the development of child welfare policy and administration in Victoria up to the sixties.] Although historically, and currently, the Health Commission (formerly the Department of Health) has influenced the development of child protection policy, this analysis focuses particularly on the policies and practices of the Community Welfare Services Department as well as the relevant legislation. No attempt is made to analyse the policies and legislation administered by other relevant departments such as the Health Commission, Education Department, Law Department and the Police and Emergency Services Department. The policies of the Community Welfare Services Department are considered to be of greater relevance because of its role in administering the relevant welfare legislation, and the increasingly important role it has assumed in the supervision and co-ordination of various agencies involved in child protection.

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