Article type: Original Research

PUBLISHED 1 December 1978

Volume 3 Issue 3-4

The Process of Change within an established System

David Green

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David Green


1 Regional Services, Social Welfare Department, Victoria

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David Donnison

David Donnison’s definition is both useful, and relevant to the theme “The Process of Change from within an Established System”. The relevance, I suggest, relates to the words — theory, reality and irreverence. How many of us working within an established system have a sound theoretical base, are in touch with reality, and have an irreverent mind. Such a combination of attributes are considered unusual in bureaucrats — although they can be acquired. However the acquisition requires the bureaucrat to give up some of the conventional attributes of success, or at least, a quiescent life in the organization. People involved in change really do see the world as it is without the assistance of self-interest filters.

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