Article type: Original Research

PUBLISHED 1 September 1977

Volume 2 Issue 3

One Greek Migrant Family and Their Deaf Child

Loula S. Rodopoulos


1 Social Work Department, Monash University

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The sense of alienation, despair and hardship experienced by individual migrant families is often forgotten when discussions of migrant problems focus on general issues. This is an account of the experiences of one Greek family with two sons. The oldest, aged eight at the time, was healthy and progressing well at school unlike his younger brother who, although attending kindergarten was 'not talking'. Their parents, both factory workers, were migrants from rural Greece who had high expectations for their future in their new homeland. Unfortunately, life was to be fraught with misfortune. Not the least of this misfortune was a direct result of the insensitive welfare, medical and educational services of this state.

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